Marc Louis Rosario
Marc Louis Rosario




Benefiber® is a clear, taste-free, and 100% natural prebiotic fiber supplement intended to help support good digestive health. Benefiber is the dependable friend who you turn to for advice and support.

Benefiber® drives social content on Facebook to empower you with educational information about making your life easier and better through food and lifestyle social posts.


Gut Check
An educational video about your digestive health


Beautiful Gut for a Beautiful Life
When you nurture your gut, you'll feel positive effects on sleep, stress, and energy levels.


The Perfect Lifestyle
Benefiber® fits perfectly into your lifestyle routine.


The Fourth Ingredient
Benefiber® is the secret fourth ingredient in this healthy recipe.


New Year, New Healthy Routine! 
Benefiber® Healthy Shape fit seamlessly into your healthy lifestyle routine.


The Difference is on the Inside
Benefiber® can be added to any treat to make it more beneficial without feeling guilty.